Dondi Schwartz Photography

Photography represents for me, a never ending challenge of creating images, which their artistic, economic, or emotional and esthetic significance – create a 'dialog' with the person being photographed, or with the clients eyes, and personal taste. Whether it is wedding or Bar mitzvah photography, a portrait in the studio, or shooting a cereal box, or jewelry – I try to give my personal touch in every assignment. So to speak in selling and delivering by mail, my artistic photographs on canvas or paper - in Israel, and overseas – the emphasis is on the picture's high quality – in any size and type of printing‪.‬

Dondi Schwartz

I also supply video shooting services, and production of commercial films, photo displays for various demands, and also longer films, in a growing variety of topics. The studio is located in Kibbutz Beeri in the northern Negev district (20 minutes from Yad Mordechai junction), and contains a modest variety of pictures for purchasing. There is also 'travelling studio' services – to the home or business of the client, for any type of photography, such as fashion, products, portraits and more. An option of building a set in a studio located in central Tel Aviv – is available, for whoever wants the set to take place closer to the center of Israel, to your convenience.

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